HomeWater 300

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Product Ref: WSHW300-750

Price from: £845.00

HomeWater 300


DIMENSIONS: Height - 485mm (19.5") Depth - 440mm (17.5") Width: 250 - (9.5")

Maximum operating water pressure: 8 bar (116psi) 
Minimum operating water pressure: 1 bar (14psi)
Maximum operating water temperature: 20 deg. C
Minimum operating water temperature: Protect from freezing
Salt used per regeneration: 350 grams (0.35kg)
Maximum flow rate: 50 litres per min 
Minimum flow Rate: Less than 3 litres per hour
Regeneration water volume used: 26 litres
Maximum flow rate to drain: 1.5 litres per min.
Regeneration time: 17 mins. approx.
Salt container (maximum volume): 15 kg Tablet Salt
Meter operation: Positive displacement
Cylinder operation: Duplex parallel
In/out connections: 3/4" BSP male
Drain connections: 3/8" OD Tube Push Fit
Overflow Connection: 1/2" barb

HomeWater 300

The non-electric, twin cylinder, tablet salt, water softener

  • If your home is in a hard water area, It doesn't have to be a case of hard luck. Install a HomeWater 300 and you'll soon be enjoying that little bit of luxury - a wonderful world where life is very different.
  • A place with none of the hard water problems you've had to put up with until now. No scale no scum, no unsightly stains and no hard time for your skin.
  • Nor will you have such a strain on your pocket, because hard water is actually costing you hard cash.
  • Instead you'll enjoy the luxury of silky soft water and save money at the same time.


The Cost of Scale - Official Government figures

Scale is a good insulator and your hot water system will have to work harder to heat up the water. This consumes more energy whatever your source, eventually the pipes, tanks, heat exchangers and appliances will need to be replaced. This is both inconvenient and very costly. Just 3.2mm (⅛”) of scale will increase fuel bills by a staggering 25%. Installing a HomeWater softener makes good sense as it will pay for itself sooner than you think and you can enjoy the benefits of softened water without worrying about limescale ever again.



Reliability is enhanced by using the softened water produced by the softener to power the control system so it doesn't get clogged by the hard water.

It will revitalise your whole house heating system.



Every water softener uses an exchange resin. Efficiency and life are improved by using the right resin. The HomeWater 300 softener uses a unique ultra-fine exchange resin which ensures maximum operational efficiency and high flow rates.

Microfine Resin

Why HomeWater 300 is above the rest

Its advanced design and unique features make the HomeWater 300 one of the smallest, most effective, most reliable and best designed water softeners in the world.

HomeWater 300 Control System

The metering system is the brain of the softener. It measures accurately from the highest flow to the very lowest flows through the softener – It even measures the flow from a dripping tap. The metering system’s efficiency is further improved by operating only with softened water and thus it can never malfunction because of hard water scale.

Each meter is factory set  to provide the correct volume of softened water relative to the hardness in your area : no onsite adjustments are necessary. It’s sealed, maintenance free and works impressively quietly. No Electronics, no electricity, no problems.

HomeWater Regeneration Cycle

Unique Twin Cylinder Design

While the HomeWater 300 uses ultra-fine beads to speed up the regeneration cycle, its dual cylinder design cuts wastage and maintenance costs.

Beads in one cylinder can self regenerate using soft water from the other, keeping valves free of limescale damage, while the online cylinder keeps up with the household soft water demands.
Water flows through both cylinders except when one is in regeneration.

Advanced Automatic Metering

It doesn’t matter how much your water consumption varies, your HomeWater 300 unit won’t need adjusting even if you go away on holiday. That’s because the water flow is accurately measured automatically, so only the right amount of salt is used at any time.

Low Water Usage

A positive displacement meter accurately measures the volume of water used to regenerate the softener only 26 litres of water are used.