Cascade 3-Way Tap

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Product Ref: Cascade-3WT

Price from: £282.00

measurement in millimetres


Cascade 3-Way Tap

Available Finish:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel

All Cascade three way taps are supplied hot & cold braided flexi hoses with 1/2" (female) swivel connectors on the ends, 1/4" drinking water connector, 2 metres of 1/4" drinking water line, 1/4" x 1/2" tap connector and a 3/8" x 1/4" push fit reducer for conversion to 3/8" drinking water line if required.


Measurements shown are in millimetres and inches


Table showing flow rates in litres per minute on the hot tap from a gravity fed plumbing system


1st Storey loft tank 1.8 2.5 2.0
2nd Storey loft tank 2.4 3.1 2.8