Acquapuro Monza 2 Lever Single Spout 3-Way Tap

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Product Ref: AQMON2L1S

Price from: £179.00

Acquapuro Monza 2 Lever Single Spout 3-Way Tap Chrome

Acquapuro Monza 2 Lever Single Spout Dimension

Acquapuro Monza 2 Lever Single Spout 3-Way Tap Brushed Steel

The acquapuro monza 2 lever single spout 3-way tap

Minimum pressure required: 0.5 bar.  Suitable for pressurised and traditional gravity plumbing systems with a minimum 5.0 mtr head of water (16.5 ft).**
Flow: Hot & cold 6.10 l/m @ 0.5 bar.
Spout: Single flow, single aerator, quad design spout for filtered/untreated and softened water,
As all water is mixed in the spout it is therefore not suitable fo reverse osmosis
Operation: Left lever filtered/RO/unsoftened, right lever hot & cold mixing.
Dimensions: 331mm high & 212mm reach
Connections: 3 x 400mm flexible hoses which can connect to both copper and compression fittings.
Guarantee: 5 year on mechanical components and 12 months on finish.
Available Finish: Chrome or Brushed Steel
This 3-way tap is not suitable for reverse osmosis.
This 3-way tap has a single flow spout and can/will mix all water connected to it as it does not have a separate delivery spout for filtered/untreated water.
Water flow operation is the left lever for hot and right lever for cold or both for mixed. Middle  lever for filtered/untreated water.


**Head of water equates to the distance (height) from the end of the tap spout to the water level in the cold water storage tank.