Acquapuro Milano Compact 2 Lever 2 Spout 3-Way Tap

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Product Ref: AQMILC2L2S

Price from: £299.00

Acquapuro Milano 2 Lever 2 Spout 3-Way Tap with Spray Head

Acquapuro Milano Compact 2L 2S graphic

Acquapuro Milano 2 Lever 2 Spout 3-Way Tap with Spray Head

The acquapuro milano compact 2 lever 2 spout 3-way tap

Minimum pressure required: 0.5 bar.  Suitable for pressurised and traditional gravity plumbing systems with a minimum 5.0 mtr head of water (16.5 ft).**
Flow: Hot & cold 3.30 l/m @ 0.5 bar.
Spout: Dedicated swivel spout for filtered/RO/untreated water and swan neck swivel spring spout with shower spray for hot and cold water.
Operation: Left lever filtered/unsoftened, right lever hot & cold.
Dimensions: 475mm high & 230mm reach
Connections: 3 x 400mm flexible hoses which can connect to both copper and compression fittings.
Guarantee: 5 year on mechanical components and 12 months on finish.
Available Finish: Chrome or Brushed Steel
This 3-way tap is suitable for reverse osmosis as well as filtered or untreated water through the dedicated spout and 3rd  flexitail connection.
The Milano is like no other filter mixer on the market, it features a two-way shower spout for the hot and cold water, with separate horizontal spout for conveying filtered water. The detachable spout end will ensure water can reach all the areas a normal tap cannot and with the press of a button deliver a shower spray for washing down.

The spray feature is operated by one of the two buttons to change between shower spray and normal flow.
The left hand lever operates the filtered/R.O./untreated water and the right hand lever operates both hot and cold using a standard blending cartridge.

The chrome models can also be supplied with a colour changing LED spout end, but this does not have the shower spray feature. Please call if this is required as it's only available by special order.

**Head of water equates to the distance (height) from the end of the tap spout to the water level in the cold water storage tank.