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Silkstream offers solutions to many of the problems caused by hard water with a wide range of water filters, softeners and treatment systems. Call us today on 01462 455772 for a no obligation chat about how we can help improve your water quality.

Water Filters

Water Filters
  • Water filters remove unwanted taste, odour, chlorine and sediment from your drinking water, but leave good minerals such as calcium. Some filters also remove heavy metals such as lead, volatile organic compounds (pesticides) and cysts, including cryptosporidium.
  • No. Water filters do not use electricity.
  • That depends on you. We will carry out a site survey prior to installation to determine water points, cock stops and tap points. We generally fit the systems under the kitchen sink.
  • Water filters do not need servicing, but they may need to be repaired occasionally. Your filter cartridge should also be replaced regularly to maintain the quality of your filtered water.
  • That depends on the model and also the usage. Some cartridges reach end of life after 6 months, some after 12 months, and some are fitted with a meter to show you when to change the filter. We keep a diary system, so we will always remind you when your cartridges need to be replaced.
  • Yes. We will provide filters for DIY installation and we can give you or your plumber the help and advice you need to install your filter properly.
  • Reverse Osmosis is a higher degree of purification, filtering out virtually everything from the water, leaving you with pure water.

Water Softeners

Water Filters
  • Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions (limescale) and replace them with sodium ions extracted from salt (sodium chloride).
  • Some models need mains electricty but there are several models avilable which do not use electricity.
  • That depends on you. We will carry out a site survey prior to installation to determine the location, consideration need to be made for the mains stopcock, drain and overflow. The most popular location is within the kitchen sink unit.
  • Most domestic water softeners do not need servicing, However may be prudent to have a periodic health check to insure that everything is working as it should.
  • That depends on the softener, its efficiency, the local hardness and the water usage. A household of four people may use 16 kg of salt.
  • Yes. most water softeners come complete with installation intructions, but we can give you further advice and instruction should you need it.