Luxurious soft water shower

Water Softeners

Enjoy the luxury of soft water around your home.  The benefits of softened water are immediate. In the bathroom the first time you shampoo your hair in softened water you will be amazed how easily it lathers up. After rinsing, it feels really clean and softer than ever before. Taking a shower or a bath feels more luxurious and many people with skin conditions appreciate how much kinder the water feels.

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Pure drinking water

Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy quality drinking water straight from your tap and as you want it to taste.

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Water Filters

Improve the quality of your drinking water. Simply install a water filter for quality water straight from your tap.  No need to buy bottled water.

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Home Salt DeliverySalt Delivery Service

Block & Tablet Salt Delivered To Your Door. Selected Post Codes Only. Please check before ordering.

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Bedfordshire and surrounding areas are part of the hardest water areas in the UK. Lime, chalk and sediment deposits are absorbed into the local water supplies in Southern England where there is a higher proportion of chalk and limestone soil.

Hard water can have a negative impact on many areas of our domestic life:

  • Calcium and limescale build up in our kettles gives tea and coffee a bitter taste and in some cases leaves gritty deposits in the bottom of the cup.
  • Limescale damages washing machines and other domestic appliances, reducing their efficiency, and ulitmately leading to repair bills.
  • Housework takes longer: taps, sinks, showers, tiles and other surfaces with limescale deposit take longer to clean and use more cleaning product.
  • Limescale can aggravate many skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

Silkstream offers solutions to all of these problems with a wide range of water filters, softeners and treatment systems. Call us today on 01462 455772 for a no obligation chat about how we can help improve your water quality.